Corporations vs Nation States

"The big question is where this development will lead. Is it possible that one day one of these companies might overturn a government? Could separatist movements arise in which a firm involved in a large-scale conflict with its “home country” plays a leading role? Are the billionaires from the technology sector pushing so hard into space because of the hope to one day being able to capture territory on another planet before a nation state can claim it?

These questions might first sound far-fetched. But if you continue the curve that you can draw based on the trends, market dynamics and tensions of the past 20 years, then what we are going to see in the future will not be an amicable agreement between giant enterprises and national governments. It might feel self-evident to assume that companies always subordinate themselves to the rules, laws and frameworks provided by nation states. But this is not a natural law. Things can change, when the interests are diverging too much and when most of a company’s activity has moved into the “cloud”, physically out of a reach from a certain government. Thus, serious conflicts between today’s ever-growing technology juggernauts and countries and their governments have to be expected. Depending on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, we might see more of that already this year."

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