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CHAOS by Hakim Bey
White Eagle's message re Crisis
Poem: The Panther, by Rilke
For Calling the Spirit Back from Wandering the Earth in Its Human Feet
the MetaModern Manifesto
The Nine Unknown Men: Propaganda as the most dangerous science in 1927
Paper: Common-Knowledge Attacks on Democracy
Fake News and Facebook: Midterm Reflections
Singles Day: Alibaba's Artificial Holiday Success Story
Major cybersecurity failures in nearly all in-development US army weapons systems
10 Immutable Laws of Computer Security
'The media as the battlefield,' according to Al-Qaeda's leader in 2005
The Seven World Riddles, 1880
Rex Tillerson: America's democratic twilight
Hilbert: on the Ignoramibus (1930)
What's the name of this psychic warfare, err, movie?
Facebook Execs leaked Memo embracing monopoly and growth at all costs
Gullibility & Egocentric Discounting
Trump wisely deluding memetic power of word 'treason'
Confessions of a Minecraft economic hit man / the draw and power of capital
Tutorial: Building an Etherium Smart Contract (last paragraph is best)
Daily Storming style guide leaked: insight into modern fascism's memetic language
Off topic / Quote about 'Old Man'
Cuban Missle Crisis twist discovered in 2002: 'most dangerous moment in human history'
Book Quote: The Rise of Nazism in Germany
Cryptocurrencies as Abstract Lifeforms
Open Source Report on Russian Social Media Disruption
Disturbing Children's Videos and long term societal impact
Clout goggles
Lyrics: 'When I See The Towers Fall'
Aleksandr Dugin: The Foundation of Geopolitics for Russia
US Military Study on 'Post-US Primacy'
A Model of the Universe (a poem by Norman Fischer)
Cognitive fluency: we gravitate to mems that are easy to digest
Goods that were abundant are now scare, and vice versa
Understanding Human Institutions As Living Systems
Senate Majority Leader recorded saying that Putin pays Trump in 2016
Weaponized Narratives are the New Battlespaces
Russian: 'Ordinary people do not believe in anything"
Sergey Kislyak, the least memorable man in the world
Nafeez Ahmed in 'Failing States, Collapsing Systems'
Cypunk as a genre
Artisanally crafted fake news
Trump News Conference Transcript [Excerpt], Jan 11 2016
Go: Top 50 players in world beaten by Artificial Intelligence
Non Linear Warfare
The fine structure constant
Food as a social currency & act of self branding
NYT: Insight into the fake news machinery
DC Insider: 'Compliance is fading rapidly'
Wikipedia: The Structure of Scientific Revolution
Our mental clock is not in sync with those of our systems
Paper: If Materialism Is True, the United States Is Probably Conscious
Grugq on Cyber
'Consciousness spreads to fill the space available'
Reality-based community
Era of Instability
Electoral fundamentalism: democracy is not one size fits all
Our world: structured for non-human entities with non-human goals
Internet in the new global refuguee camps
Jungian Dreamer Tribe in the Amazon
The ongoing tragedy in Venezuela
The Black Madonna Manifesto
Originators of Techno :: BFW notes
Future shocked nuns respond to "tax the church" poster
The Pentagon's war on financial accountability
Triumph in 'third wave' superindustrial societies
The Pirate Party becomes top political party in Iceland
'Evolution is incentivized to hide reality'
"Overall, just 15% of those under 30 think the nation is heading in the right direction"
'Uncanny Valley' - great prose piece on SF startup culture
Corporations building cities, not nation-states
Corporations vs Nation States
Intelligence not correlating to happyness
Trumps word of wisdom
Rhodes: DC Narrative Spinner
Paper: Cyberpunk as Social and Political Theory

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